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Division of Law Enforcement


Weekly Report

January 22, 2016 through January 28, 2016

This report represents some events the FWC handled over the past week;

however, it does not include all actions taken by the Division of Law Enforcement.


Patrol, Protect, Preserve




While on patrol in the North Port area, east of I-75, Officers Cohl and Sehl were attempting to locate subjects firing semi- automatic rifles in a wooded area. Officers Cohl and Sehl observed a white object approximately 150 yards into the area. After a short hike, they observed a 19-foot Charlotte County public works boat and trailer along with a stripped down Dodge Ram truck. Both vehicle and vessel were reported stolen a month ago from separate locations. The stolen items were turned over to North Port Police Department and Charlotte County Sherriff’s Office.

Today In #PortCharlotte – Fatal crash reported in Charlotte County

Posted: Aug 23, 2015 10:13 AM EDTUpdated: Aug 23, 2015 10:26 AM EDT

The Florida Highway Patrol is reporting a fatal crash on US 41 near Tuckers Grade.

US 41 was reopened in both directions shortly before 10:30 a.m.

NBC2 has a crew on scene and will provide updates as information becomes available.


CCSO: Sinkholes found on SR 776/Gasparilla Road – NBC-2.com WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office is advising motorists to avoid SR 776/Gasparilla Road for the next several hours due to the discovery of two sinkholes. There are currently two lanes closed.

Source: CCSO: Sinkholes found on SR 776/Gasparilla Road – NBC-2.com WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida

Today In #PortCharlotte Fire El Jobean fishing pier

Word is that there was a Fire El Jobean fishing pier noted at 1:45PM but as of now no units or Fire or rescue called.

El Jobean


El Jobean is an unincorporated community in Charlotte County, Florida, United States. It is located off of County Road 776, on the northern banks of the Myakka River. The community is part of the Punta Gorda Metropolitan Statistical Area. Wikipedia

Today In #PortCharlotte – Cellairis Cell Phone, iPhone, iPad Repair Shoplift takes $3000.00

Today in #portcharlotte – Cellairis Cell Phone, iPhone, iPad Repair Cell Phone, iPhone, iPad Repair Cell Phone Mobile Accessories Retail in the mall reports a shoplifter Boost $3k. But they sound like they did NOT get away red-handed.

The follow seem to fit the profile booking sheet-

FOUND an arrest report on Charlotte County Sheriffs Office Booking Sheet:

Criminal Charge(s): Charge Description:812.13 2c – Robbery with No Firearm or Weapon (LEV:F DEG:S 2815)


Personal Information

  • Date of Birth:1990
  • Age:25
  • Race:White
  • Sex:Female
  • Height:63
  • Weight:135
  • Eye Color:Blue
  • Hair Color:Brown
  • Juvenile:No
  • Place of Birth:US
  • Marital Status:Single
  • Education:9th
    • Bond Amount:25000.00



    Retail chain offering a variety of accessories & repair services for smartphones & tablets.

    Address: Port Charlotte Town Center, 1441 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33948



Today in #portcharlotte Booking MUG shot Freaked me OUT!

Booking Information

Today in #portcharlotte Booking Mug Shot Image look a bit different.

The mugshot returned 1 image(s).

The image of the person above taken on: 
August 19, 2015

Criminal Charge(s)

  • Charge Description:Court Order: 00.01 – OFF BOND/FORFEITURE/REVOCATIONS- NO NEW CHG ENTRY
  • OCA Number:15-83F
  • Warrant Number:
  • OBTS Number:
  • Court Date:
  • OBTS Date:
  • Bond Agency:
  • Depositer Name:
  • Bond Amount:0.00
  • Arresting Agency:FL0080000
  • Arresting Officer:E. Moos
  • Date Arrested:August 19,2015
  • Arrest Location:26601 AIRPORT RD 

Today In #PortCharlotte – Dad Is Pushing His kid on Ground – Kid is call Caps!

Today in #portcharlotte – Some Dad is pushing his 10 year old kid on ground his name… Chuck! This Dad is chucking the kid on the ground. Fit the name, but the kids is the ONE CALL THE COPS… Good for the kid! Wait this the DAD gets to jail and a new name he might get, it just might rhyme with Chuck…out of luck.

“Deadbeat parent is a pejorative term[1] referring to parents of any gender who do not fulfill their parental responsibilities, especially when they evade court-ordered child support obligations. The gender-specificdeadbeat dad and deadbeat mom are commonly used to refer to men and women who have fathered or mothered a child and intentionally fail to pay child support ordered by a family law court or statutory agency such as the Child Support Agency.”

Today In #PortCharlotte -911 -What Is Bugging You?

Today in #portcharlotte – more like last night  – someone call 911 a few times for help because he was being attacked…by mosquitoes.


FOUND an arrest report on Charlotte County Sheriffs Office Booking Sheet

Criminal Charge(s) that match this story. (name withheld)

They were

  • More images

  • Mosquito


  • Mosquitoes are small, midge-like flies which compose the family Culicidae. Females of most species are ectoparasites, whose tube-like mouthparts pierce the hosts’ skin to consume blood. The word “mosquito” is Spanish for “little fly”. Wikipedia